Disassembled Sony A55 Examined and Explained

Here’s an interesting look at the guts of the pellicle mirror Sony A55 and how the camera works. The camera being examined in the video is already disassembled and neatly organized by layer. If you haven’t seen or read much about the A33/A55 before, this video will bring you up to speed on the advantages of having a translucent mirror instead of a traditional one.

(via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

  • Almond

    All that sensor dust….. @_@

  • Ilker

    I highly disagree with him when he says electronic viewfinder is better than optical viewfinder. Would you rather see the world with your own eyes or with glasses that have little LCDs on it? He says that OVF blacks out when you take the picture. Really? Yes, it blacks out for 125 miliseconds. This guy’s a marketing bluff! EVF can never replace OVF.

  • Guest

    isn’t a translucent mirror just called glass???

  • Phil Lowe

    So an always exposed sensor gathering dust, an EVF which no-one cares about, a focusing system that introduces pretty much no gain whatsoever to the average user and lots of gimmicks aimed at point and shooters. Hlluva step forward. Nice advert though.

  • Wjonacani

    ha ha try one out and then come back and comment :)