Store Photos Digitally in Film Cassettes with 35mm Flash Drives

Here’s a funky fusion of analog and digital: Etsy seller newfocus repurposes 35mm film cassettes by using them to house USB flash drives. You can buy a 2GB one for $19 or a 4GB one for $24 from their Etsy store. They would make pretty fun gift for a photography-lover you know, and if you don’t want to buy one you can try your hand at building your own!

  • Porsupah

    Mind, if you want to look at data storage really involving film, the IBM 1360 is quite an impressive piece of design. 160GB in the 1960s! (But not in a 2.5″ laptop drive, oh no =:)

  • Chris

    Just tried and it’s pretty easy to make one of these on your own, just pop the top off a film canister, take out the spool, widen the top hole with a needlenose, and hotglue your flash drive in. Might help to break off the casing surrounding your flash drive, though.

  • Elja Trum

    If written a short how-to on making a digital film cassette like this.