How to Shoot Fun Matrix-style Freeze Motion Videos with Friends

If you want to make a “bullet time” video like the kind made famous by The Matrix, you don’t need a gigantic budget or 52 DSLRs lined up in a row. Just get a large group of friends, stand in a circle around your subjects, and snap pictures at the same time! recently held an event called “See You Around Hong Kong” where large groups of photography enthusiasts gathered to do just that.

Thanks for the tip, Kenneth!

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    If your friends have tripods, set each camera to manual everything, then use something like after effects to interpolate the frames between to make a smoother circular move :)

  • Fastactingrelief

    It’s a little bit choppy, I think they need more friends.

  • Eghf

    Yes, I don’t need 52 dslr, but I need 52 cameras anyway

  • Dude

    That or get closer together

  • lonely

    I don’t have that many friends. :(

  • David

    do like what i think sports illustrated does/did- one guy press the shutter and all the cameras shoot in sync.

  • Ben

    I ll be your fren if you have a dslr :)

  • Ben

    I ll be your fren if you have a dslr :)

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  • mahadragon

    They don’t need more friends, they actually have way more than they need. In “The Matrix” they only used like maybe a dozen cameras for their freeze motion scenes. The reason it looks choppy is because either they are using different cameras, or the cameras they used had different settings. They didn’t do enough work post to make sure the white balance was correct, nor did they make sure the subject was centered the entire time. If you look closely a lot of the colors are different in the shots, that’s one reason it looks choppy.

  • mahadragon

    This is actually doable if you had the same camera or same type of camera that responded to the same remote. If you had a bunch of Nikon D3000’s you would need only 1 remote control to activate your burst mode and take your cluster of shots.

  • mahadragon

    Actually you are wrong. And your link doesn’t prove me wrong, you should try reading it.