Nikon Announced a Gorgeous New Backpack, But There’s a Catch

A nikon camera rests on two books beside a closed black backpack against a textured gray background. the setting is simple and stylish, emphasizing the camera and bag.

Nikon announced a partnership with lifestyle brand Gaston Luga to produce what it bills as a stylish yet functional weather-resistant camera backpack, but it isn’t available to buy. Not directly, anyway.

Update 5/1: Despite what Nikon originally communicated, the backpack is available to purchase standalone for $200. Original story is below.

The company says that its partnership with Gaston Luga has resulted in a bag that is “meticulously crafted” to meet the needs of content creators. As any good camera bag should, this new backpack promises excellent protection for a camera and associated equipment as well as “effortless” organization through its interior compartments.

“With a shared passion for meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail, this collaboration between Nikon and Gaston Luga delves into the artistry found in creation; empowering individuals to discover themselves on the journey of creation, exemplifying how ‘life is a work of art,'” Nikon says.

Curiously, no images of the inside of the backpack were provided at the time of publication. That said, Nikon does state that it is equipped with a detachable camera holder and adjustable dividers, inner pockets that fit both a laptop and tablet, and that it fully opens like a suitcase.

A nikon camera sits on top of a closed book, which rests on a wooden table. next to the camera is a black, upright modern backpack, all under soft, dappled lighting.

“We believe that life is a work of art, waiting to be discovered,” Jonas Wistrand, CEO, of Gaston Luga AB, says. “With the new Zf and GL X Nikon backpack as a steadfast companion, content creators can confidently embark on their journey of self-exploration, capturing moments of joy and the richness of life with Nikon. Together, we invite the bold and curious to embrace the call to create and appreciate the boundless beauty that surrounds us every day. Gaston Luga’s dedication to functional aesthetics and Nikon’s cutting-edge imaging technology converge to push the boundaries of content creation through this collaboration.”

The Nikon and Gaston Luga backpack is available for free when photographers purchase a Nikon Zf camera from the Nikon USA online store. It doesn’t appear as though Nikon or Gaston Luga intend to make this backpack available on its own — at least not at the time of publication.

The bag will only be made available for a limited time, too: from May 1 to June 30, 2024, the bag is included with any purchase of a Nikon Zf body or Zf lens kit, which starts at $1,999.95.