A Fun Way to Shoot Lake Reflections

YouTube user haakvi was taking pictures of a small lake near Oslo, Norway with his Nikon D90 when he noticed something interesting about the lake’s reflections. This video shows an interesting way to shoot the reflections — you could do the same thing with photographs, but then you wouldn’t have the “twist”.

  • Sythe

    I allready did this a couple of times, very funny!

  • Anon

    It was obvious from the first frame that the camera was inverted. You’ll never have a reflection brighter than what it reflects. So much for any surprise. I guess that’s the downside of being a photographer and knowing these things.

  • Anonymous

    congratulations to this guy on being the first person to discover that reflections look just like the things they’re reflecting.

  • Federico Muzzo

    It would be sooo easy to adjust with Lightroom/Aperture.