Combine Multiple Photos Using HDR Software for Surreal Results

Flickr user Paul Little creates surreal images he calls “HDR Mixes” by combining different photographs with the help of HDR software. While you’re normally supposed to feed the program multiple versions of the same photo (which are bracketed), with HDR Mixes you use two photos of the same scene and a third that’s completely unrelated.

You can check out more of these images in Little’s HDR Mixes Flickr set. He also has prints of these images for sale.

Image credit: Images by avaviel and used with permission

  • Jeremy Bernatchez

    that’s a fantastic idea…. I’ll have to try that on some of my shots!

  • objetpetitm

    Very nice shots! I also did something similar in 2006-2007, playing around with the randomised patters that messing around with HDR sometimes creates.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for featuring my work!

    This is something where masking is useful, fyi. I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to do this stuff on my current group home in flickr:

  • Jordan

    or you could just shoot film and do it all in-camera.

  • Rhonda

    My nephew Paul!! He’s an amazing photographer!! :)

  • Anonymous

    You could shoot film. I have a few rolls of double exposure film that I need to process, which costs.

    This process is far more versatile, however.

  • Snelsonc

    What’s different in doing the hdr thing, and doing it in layers in photoshop?

  • Anonymous

    It is the HDR program that is doing the work. Just as a HDR looks for lights and darks to show through, so does this process. You have all of the advantages of HDR, and all of the advantages of using Photoshop.

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  • Avaviel

    Oh, and:
    To get this same effect, you’d have to take a picture of my friend on the horse, take the horse and her floating in the air over the trees, and then take two photos… where part of her and the horse are invisible.