Easy HDR Editing with Oloneo PhotoEngine

French company Oloneo has just released a free beta for their product, PhotoEngine. The software is a straightforward HDR creator and non-destructive editor that allows you to quickly merge HDR photos. Additionally, it has features that can adjust specific light sources in the photo, to change the white balance or the exposure. This could come in handy when shooting HDR frames that have a variety of different light sources with different temperatures.

Oloneo PhotoEngine has other specific functions for HDR photos, including the high dynamic re-exposure for fixing tones and readjusting exposure within photos. The program also has HDR noise processing and reduction.

Finally, the PhotoEngine is also a RAW editor that is pretty intuitive to use, since it’s similar to most RAW editors.

But the most impressive part of the PhotoEngine is how quickly it can composite images and edit them. The demo videos are all in real-time, and it’s pretty surprising how quickly the editor can merge the HDR images.

Bad news for Mac OS users, though. The software is only available for Windows.

There’s no word yet on how much the full version will cost, but for now, you can download the Oloneo PhotoEngine beta for free.