Light Painting in Two Dimensions Using an iPod Touch

After seeing 3D light painting done with an iPad, classmates Jinhwan Kim and Cameron Zotter decided to take the experiment a step further. Instead of simply “painting” in a single direction, they spelled out letters by waving an iPod Touch across six different rows for each long exposure photograph.

If only there was an iPhone app that would allow you to paint any image in the air by simply waving your screen around while the onboard sensors synchronize what’s shown on the screen with the phone’s current position. That would be the bee’s knees.

(via Photoxels)

  • Pepe Fenjul Jr.

    Light painting in 3D light painting done with an iPad is really amazing.

  • Zachdavis

    There is an app. Its called penki. Takes some practice but its pretty easy to get the hang of

  • Matt

    There’s another app called holagraphium

  • Franz Taptanium

    Thanks for mentioning it! Hope you had some fun with it :) I’m working on an update which will let you do a lot more than just 3D light painting some text and funny symbols!