Light Pen Bringing Easy, Colorful Light Painting to an iPhone Near You

Typically, light painting requires a little bit of photography know how and some camera equipment that’s up to the task. But a new product by Tomy may change all that, or at least give non-photographers and kids something to play around with when they’re bored. Tomy’s new light pen and app combo, which will retail for $30, allow the user to create rudimentary light paintings using nothing more than the pen and a free iPhone app.

The pen itself will offer quite a few customization options for people who want to experiment. You’ll be able to choose between 27 different colors, have the pen fade between colors for gradients, or even set the pen to flash for dotted lines. Sadly, it won’t be hitting store shelves until November, but if you want more info and a presentation, be sure to check out the video up top and let us know what you think of the idea in the comments down below.

(via Gizmodo via DigInfo TV)