Early Kodak DSLR Camera Offered Pong

Did you know that some of Kodak’s early DSLR cameras had built-in games? Before Canon and Nikon started making homegrown DSLRs, they actually started by partnering with Kodak in combing their camera bodies with Kodak sensors and electronics. For some strange awesome reason, the firmware developers decided to add games to a number of the models. The Pong game shown in the video above is found on the Kodak DCS 560. Too bad neither Canon nor Nikon continued this awesome feature once they started developing their own cameras.

  • Chris

    Canon actually offers a few games via custom firmware (google: CHDK)

  • tom

    the player is very bad

  • wyodan

    I used that same camera for years and totally forgot about ‘pong’! Battery life on those was so precious that one would be very foolish to play for long.

  • Anonymous

    Coming soon: Angry Birds for Canon Rebel