Displaying Vintage Cameras in Frames

Not sure what to do with your vintage camera collection that’s sitting around gathering dust? Try displaying them on your wall in frames!

(via KEH Blog)

Image credit: vintage camera display by Tim Melideo and used with permission

  • Paul Eliasberg

    Or put a film in it and start shooting proper photographs… Film rocks!

  • Divaliscious

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing – wish I thought of this before I sold them – :P

  • Colin Peddle

    When you get down off your high horse, you’ll realize that some people keep cameras that are broken… you know, as a collection.

    You wouldn’t tell a stamp collector to use up all his stamps would you?

  • Dana Weise

    Do like. I really like the idea, time to go check goodwills and find non-working cameras.

  • Phil Lowe

    … and I thought I was aggressive! The title of the article wasn’t “Displaying Vintage Broken Cameras in Frames” so I think his comment was reasonably fair and wasn’t intended to be arrogant.

  • Colin Peddle

    Sorry bout that. It had just been a long day of reading bs about film this, film that.

    I blame Ken Rockwell for my rage :)

    Your comment was fair indeed.

  • Fastactingrelief

    Fucking Ken Rockwell. That idiot could turn anyone into a troll.

  • Victoria Anglin

    Excellent idea. Thanks

  • Paul Eliasberg

    Sorry! Didn’t mean to be arrogant, a hopeless romantic might be more to the point. I’m just very enthusiastic about film and like always when you’re in the minority you have to shout a little bit louder to have your voice heard. I shoot digital as well, don’t worry, both have their merits.

    I do think it’s a shame that such lovely pieces of vintage engineering are not used for their intended purpose, whilst applications like Instagram and Hipstamatic are continuously gaining popularity. It’s more and more about instant gratification nowadays, whereas I tend to enjoy the process just as much as the end result.

    Apologies if I sound like a grumpy old man…