Michael Wolf Discusses Using Google Street View for His “Photography”

Last month there was quite a bit of buzz among photographers when photographer Michael Wolf‘s Google Street View “photographers” (or screenshots) were awarded Honorable Mention at the prestigious World Press Photo 2011 contest. A month later, the British Journal of Photography tracked him down and interviewed him regarding the work.

While you might not agree with the World Press Photo’s decision to award him Honorable Mention, Wolf does have some pretty interesting thoughts on Google Street View and its place in photography. He points out that Google Street View will be a treasure trove of imagery in the future, when people will look back on our time and place in the same way we look back on Atget‘s documentation of Parisian streets.

Michael Wolf welcomes World Press Photo controversy (via Photoxels)

  • Colin Peddle

    Lazy cheater.

  • br

    he points out the fact that it’s GOOGLE that has done all the work.. not him.
    I don’t get it.. get out and shoot for yourself.

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  • Ella James

    He is a genius. 
    So what if he didn’t take the photos?
    So many people have there art out sourced. Gregory Crewdson doesn’t take his photos.. ‘Its the idea that makes the art.’
    And the difference between the craftsman and the Artist is the understanding of that very statement.