How to Shoot an NCAA Basketball Game

If you want to know the ins and outs of shooting a college basketball game, check out this awesome behind-the-scenes video with pro sports photographer Miguel Olivella. In it, he walks us through things like where to be, what gear to use, camera settings, and various tricks he has under his sleeve that help him get the perfect shot.

(via Scott Kelby)

  • Steve Martin

    I can’t believe he leaves his camera bag on the floor when in the lunchroom

  • Colin Peddle

    Depends on the situation. Floor access in those areas for big games tends to be quite restrictive. It might look like all kinds of people are coming and going, but generally everyone you see on the floor in that area are meant to be there.

    Personally I try to always leave it somewhere where it’s in an area only staff/team will be and in sight or at least, if someone steals it they’ll have to go past me first.

  • Scott Stuart

    I’ve been shooting Ohio State basketball this year and only wish I could pick my spot! Seat locations are assigned by the SID and in some cases I’ve had to shoot between (and over) local TV video cameras. Requests for credentials are high for a number 1 team and seating is marked in two rows for all home games. Lots of seat horse-trading goes on before tipoff. And marking your spot with a camera bag or even your cameras is very common. In my years of covering college sports, everyone is pretty good about looking out for each other in most cases. I’m not sure I’d be so trusting though in unfamiliar territory.

  • Honey Jane

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