Shooting Blade Runner-Inspired Portraits Using Color Gels

Almost a year ago I purchased a set of color gels on Amazon but never got around to actually trying them out. Recently, after watching Blade Runner 2049 and being smitten by the gorgeous cinematography by the legendary Roger Deakins, I just had to play with them. Not only that, the original Blade Runner, shot by Jordan Cronenweth, is one of my biggest influences ever so this shoot was bound to happen.

This is How Photoshop Artist Erik Johansson Creates His Mind-Bending Images

Swedish photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson is well known for his mind-bending photo-manipulations and optical illusions, which are all made with careful photography and Photoshopping. If you're wondering how the images are actually created, Johansson has been regularly release behind-the-scenes videos showing his techniques.

Demo Roundup of the Photo Features and Apps from Today’s Creative Cloud Release

Earlier today, Adobe announced a collection of upgrades, updates and new releases for its Creative Cloud platform. Briefly detailed in our coverage of the announcement, Photoshop CC received a number of improvements, Lightroom Mobile received an iPhone version, and Adobe announced a new iPad app Photoshop Mix.

But that was just an announcement, and so to properly introduce you to a number of these features, we’ve compiled a demo/walkthrough collection that shows each of these new features and apps in action.