Ed Helms Introduces Digital Cameras on The Daily Show

Here’s a fun blast from the past: in the early 2000s The Daily Show ran this short segment in which Ed Helms (now known for playing Andy Bernard on The Office) introduces viewers to digital cameras. It’s an interesting glimpse at how some people felt about the emergence of digital photography as it was starting to become popular.

Keep your eye out for old-school Photoshop!

Thanks for the tip, @davevogler!

  • Jan

    That looks like a Powershot S30 in there as well, I still have that camera. Still takes better pictures than most mobile phones. I haven’t used it in years though.

    I made this image with it, still one of my favorite photos, even though the technical quality isn’t perfect:

  • None

    Wait…”old school Photoshop?” I used Photoshop 1.0…in early 1991. It was installed off of two 3.5″ floppy disks.