Photographing a 45-Foot-Long Whale

It’s always fun listening to photographers recount once-in-a-lifetime experiences that lead to once-in-a-lifetime photographs. In this short National Geographic video, photographer Brian Skerry describes what it was like to get up close and personal with a 45-foot-long whale. We only wish there was a little video to go along with his wonderful storytelling!

  • Justin Javellana

    dream job

  • Dan

    That was amazing!

  • Robert


  • Alec R. Hosterman

    Great images and a remarkable story. I remember going on a whale watching excursion in Mexico several years ago and seeing these magnificent creatures up close (but not as up close as you did). One was swimming towards us and then went right under the boat. We saw him surface on the other side. My heart was beating a mile a minute. But like you, I won’t ever forget it.