Photographer Snaps Whale Breaching Feet Away from Boat


Photographer J P Goodridge was whale watching near Sydney, Australia, yesterday when he captured this photo of a lifetime showing a humpback whale explode out of the water right next to another little whale watching boat.

“Not often you get a Humpback breach so close to a boat,” writes Whale Watching Sydney, which took Goodridge out to sea. “This one was only a few meters away from the unsuspecting observers on the little boat.”

Whale watching and photography are both a combination of preparation and luck. Goodridge luckily had his camera pointed at the right place at the right time. On the other hand, everyone on the little boat in the photo had their eyes (and likely their cameras) pointed in the completely wrong direction:

A crop of Goodridge's photo.
A crop of Goodridge’s photo.

The amazing photo is “my shot of the season 2016 so far,” Goodridge says.

This photograph is available for licensing for editorial purposes through Diimex.

Image credits: Photographs by J P Goodridge/Whale Watching Sydney and used with permission