How to Make a Camera Lens Cap Pouch

For Christmas, I received a Canon 60D. I’m definitely still learning how to use it, but I’m excited to have it. The first big problem I encountered, besides the need for more regular exercise so I can lift the beast, is that I am going to lose the camera lens cap. I take this cover off the lens and leave it everywhere. I had the camera for about 4 days before I was considering checking the price on replacing it. Lucky for me, I came up with a better idea while I still knew where it was. Instead of waiting until I lost it, I made it a little pouch that slides onto my camera strap.

You can print out the pattern here. Choose two fabrics, one for the outside and one for the lining. You’ll also need medium weight iron-on interfacing.

Cut one of the oval piece from the outside fabric, one from the lining and one from the interfacing. Cut one half-oval from the outside fabric, one from the lining and two from the interfacing. Cut one of the rectangle from the outside fabric. Cut one piece of Velcro 3/4” by 1 1/2”.

You may notice the grayed-out area on this next photo. Originally, I also cut thin, cotton batting to cushion the pouch, but honestly, I forgot to use it. When I was done I was actually glad. I think it would have been too bulky.

Apply the oval interfacing to the oval outside piece. Apply one half-oval to the top of the lining oval. Apply the other half-oval to the half-oval outside piece.

The half-oval in the following photo should be red dots, which is my outside fabric. Sorry, my brain hurts.

Fold the rectangle in half, right sides together so it measures about 3” by 2 1/2”. Stitch with a 1/4” seam.

Twist to one side to center the seam and stitch across one end.

Turn. Press. Turn raw end to the inside 1/4”. Pin to outside oval, 2 1/2” from the top and centered. Stitch both short sides close to the edge and again 1/4” from the edge.

Stitch the Velcro to the lining oval 1/2” from the edge and centered on the end with interfacing. Stitch the other piece to the outside half-oval 1” from the straight edge and centered.

Stitch the outside and lining half-ovals together at the straight edge, right sides together.

Turn right side out, press and topstitch.

Layer the pieces: outside oval, right side up; half ovals, lining up; lining oval, right side down and Velcro at top. Stitch around the outside edge, leaving an opening near the top for turning.

Turn. Press, turning in the opening. Topstitch around edge.

I used Velcro for the closure so I could open and close the pouch with one hand. So far, it’s working out great and I am still the proud owner of a lens cover.

These would make great gifts for the photography enthusiast on your list, because you know they’re very hard to shop for. Me, I need a Photography for Dummies book.

About the author: Staci is a writer and crafter in Boring, Oregon. You can visit her blog and her Etsy store where she sells lens cap pockets.

  • Caleb Sommerville

    Or you could buy a two-dollar capkeeper…

  • Mike

    Exactly what I was thinking. However I had noticed on multiple occasions the cap swings around and either bumps into or just in general annoys me. This project may just be fun and can save a couples sheckles… ;)

  • DM|ZE

    I use my pocket… but I really like how this personalizes your camera a bit. She lives in Boring, Or! Who named that place!

  • Carolina

    Very cool thanks for the detailed post. I’ll need to make myself one of these!

  • Piotr “PedroF” Grajek

    Smart solving-problem gadget. THNX :)

  • Calkite7

    Great Idea! I would only add: make it large enough to fit your biggest lens cap.

  • Kari

    I just put the velcro (scratchy side) straight on my lens cap. I have a small strip of “keeper” velcro on my camera strap to stick it onto, but I’ve also discovered that it sticks to a lot of different clothing (sweaters and the like), so a lot of the times I’ll just take the lens cap off and stick it to my upper arm. I get a lot of comments on it, but most are along the line of, “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?” :-)

  • Balls

    for real. this is bullcrap.

  • Lorenzo

    Or, (shameless plug) you can buy a LensCapTrap. It is a set of pre-cut velcro bits, curved to match the shape of the lens cap and a little die-cut part to go on the camera strap.

  • Lynda

    I think this is a GREAT idea, I’m always misplacing my lens cap and can’t wait to make one of these. Thanks for sharing an innovative idea that solves a very annoying problem. Best Wishes, Lynda :-)

  • Lynda

    I think this is a GREAT idea, I’m always misplacing my lens cap and can’t wait to make one of these. Thanks for sharing an innovative idea that solves a very annoying problem. Best Wishes, Lynda :-)

  • Laurie

    this is such a cool idea! trying it now!!

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  • Frau Börd

    Many Thanks for this little Tutorial! Thanks to your good explanation and all theses Photos it was quite easy to follow… even for a German ;o)
    You can find my pouch here: ich hab ne Neue

  • Frau Börd

    and here is the correct link ;o) 

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  • Cdgarrett

    I like what you did for a case. I need to adapt it a bit to make a cover for my fishing reel on my fly rod. I used a PVC pipe to cover the rod but my fishing reel is exposed.

  • Jldunn

    just made 4 of these! thanks !

  • Lar

    Got here from Pinterest and LOVE this idea. I’ll be making one. Thank you for sharing

  • Rachel Ramey

    Thank you! I have the same problem! (I don’t like having it on the little string doohickies ’cause then it swings in front of the lens while I’m trying to shoot. And a pocket works great – except when you don’t have a pocket.) Every. time. I finish taking pictures (*unless* I had a pocket), I have to spend 5 more minutes walking all over the place trying to figure out where I laid the lens cap down. Looking forward to making this!