Scotch Tape Magically Makes SD Cards with Broken Locks Work Again

Here’s a clever trick to keep in mind if you use SD cards for your photography: if the locking mechanism on the side of the card breaks off and renders your card unwritable, covering over the area with a little scotch tape magically makes your card useable again.

(via Lifehacker)

  • Dominick Delli Paoli


  • Laurent

    Reminds me what we did long time ago with tapes.
    Technology changes, but the tricks are the same.

  • Anonymous

    yep, used to do this on vhs tapes to record over movies haha

  • Mark

    Same old trick used on floppy disks as well … nothing new here!

  • Shaun Jeroski

    This is hilarious, I just did this to one of my cards about 30 minutes ago.

  • Camanarac

    que chido jajaja

  • Bryapro

    Thanks so much for this tip !!!!

  • Thomas Nielsen

    I used to do this but there is a catch. The tape can fringe by the edges and cause the card to stick in the slot. With slots that have a spring action release, where pushing the card with a finger nail causes it to pop out, it can be extremely difficult to get the card out again if the tape loosens. Instead of tape I am now using a drop of epoxy resin filed smooth. I have tried finding some of that metal tape that came with floppy discs in the middle ages. As I remember it it is much thinner. Alas I threw out my floppy discs many years ago and never thought about saving the protection patches.

    The good question, of course, is why the devil these flimsy sliders are there to begin with. I have never had to write protect a card.

  • Makofoto

    right … CF cards don’t have them