Pre-Converted Infrared Canon Powershot Cameras from Opticsgeek

There’s plenty of tutorials online that teach you how to convert digital cameras into infrared cameras, and plenty of services that will do the conversion for you if you send in a camera, but what if you want to cut out the hassle of having a camera converted? Mike Keesling sells pre-converted Canon Powershot cameras through his website Opticsgeek that capture infrared images straight out of the box. A PowerShot A480 will cost you $200, and a SX200 IS will set you back $350.

  • Mike

    Opticsgeek also sells a glass filter if you want to do it yourself, along with instructions. These models were selected as they also support CHDK.

  • Tim Arbaev

    Ahaha, where a woman looks on top photo? Canon Powershot A480 does not have viewfinder!

  • Byrd_396

    my mother-in-law does this to. we laugh at her every time!!

  • Byrd_396

    I have one of these and love it!! fabulous pics from the 10MP camera.