Leica MP-36 Owned by “Famous Photographer” Listed on eBay for $104K

There’s an old beat up Leica MP-36 being sold by a reputable seller on eBay (8533 feedback score with 99.4% positive) for the staggering price of $104,000. What’s strange is that the details provided in the listing are quite sparse. The page includes a few photographs and the description,

The camera comes with matching black paint Summicron 2/5cm no.1474879, first version with black bayonet mount, a matching black paint Leicavit MP. The camera was the property of famous photographer

Perhaps some crowdsourced investigation can shed some light on this unique listing. Any idea what’s so special about this camera and/or who the “famous photographer” mentioned is? Check out the listing here.

Update: Apparently the camera belonged to Leif Engberg. Kudos to Nutzibe

Update: Wow. Looks like the camera actually sold for $104K… Gizmodo jumped on the story here.

Thanks for the tip, Christian!

  • Scott Comptois

    I’m really interested to see what the results are… please follow-up with another post when / if anything is revealed.

  • Nutzibe

    The “famous photographer” appears to be Leif Engberg. Read more on his website

  • dusty
  • Christian

    I was just browsing one night…..jaw dropped. But no matter whom the photographer that is a fairly step price….

  • Amateur Photographer

    One can buy a camera for $104K but not the photographic skill :) Person going to buy this camera is just going to keep it in his living room showcase.

  • Elgenper

    Sold at an auction in Stockholm last March for SEK 370 000 (approx USD 55 000).

    Still had the original factory seal then, so probably never served despite the heavy use it must have seen….

  • Elgenper

    Another comment: it seems the attribution to Leif Engberg isnĀ“t correct (and was never given at the Stockholm auction; they did sell other goods from Engberg). But it is the same camera, without doubt.

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  • Eddie Smith

    i believe my favourite part is but it now $104000, shipping $40. WTF at this ridiculously inflated price they couldn’t offer free shipping (never mind what would it be insured for at $40) lmao