Pinhole Cameras Made from Vintage Hardback Books

Erin Paysse sells one-of-a-kind pinhole cameras created by upcycling vintage hardback books. Each camera has a magnetic shutter and is designed to take standard 35mm film.

The camera comes with it’s own set of instructions on how to load, shoot, and remove film, approximate exposure times, number of turns to advance each frame, as well as sample photos taken from some of my many cameras. Each camera takes very different pictures, so get ready to experiment with this incredible camera!

Each camera costs about $200 and can be purchased through Paysse’s Etsy store.

  • Daniel Fisher

    Wow! Sooo, sooo, sooo cool :-)

  • delzey


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  • Airrikajswan

    WHOA a BIT pricey. Considering you can make one out a friggin shoe box.

  • AnnaKayyy

    That’s just effing ridiculous. For about half an hour of your time and less than 5 dollars in materials, they should sell for like $30, TOPS. You can find really awesome vintage hardback books in so many places. Love the idea, hate the extortion. Although, if anyone is stupid enough to spend that much on one, that’s all on them.

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  • Bramblrose

    If they can get $200, why not. Not only do you have to find the materials (And pay for them) You have to put it together, market them, AND they look really nicely done!