Rise of the CanonBot: Canon and the Robot Apocalypse

By 2053, cameras are going to become so automated that they start thinking for themselves, and then realize that humans are a threat to great photography. This photograph leaked from the future shows a couple CanonBots duking it out.

Image credit: Rise of the CanonBot by ari mahardhika photography and used with permission

  • Holikme

    Why a 2053 robot using 2010 lenses and bodies?

  • Kbledsoephoto

    Sooo i’m assuming that since the Canonbots are harming humans, then the Nikonbots are trying to save them :P In short, Nikon’s are the good guys.

    Another instance where Nikon beats Canon. Yup! :D

  • canonikonwoteva

    nope i think it’s because Nikon technology is waay behind that in 2053 they’re out of the picture :D

    Regardless, Loving the concept robot! Great job!, I wish any of these brands would make robot miniatures of their cameras, I’d definetly get one!

  • Micahize

    dslr in 2053? are u nuts? c’mon use your common sense dude!