Canon Made a Cheesy Music Video About Itself

Canon’s slogan in the US is “See Impossible,” but over in Asia it’s “Delighting You Always.” To celebrate the 10th anniversary of that slogan last year, Canon decided to… write a song and make a cheesy music video.

The song features Canon employees found at the company’s various headquarters across Asia.



Here are the lyrics:

Delighting You Always

[Verse 1]
Striving forward to the future
Keeping the pace, staying ahead
We rise to embrace each challenge
Crossing hurdles, progress is made

Never give up never back down
Standing together we’ll be stronger
Passion drives us to push limits
Belief in ourselves is our power

Come and see our beautiful world
Let’s capture moments and preserve memories
Making them last forever

Come and see our beautiful world
Let’s write our story and make it happen
To live in the present

That’s Canon
That’s Canon
That’s Canon
Delighting you always

[Verse 2]
Take my hand we’re family
Chasing our goals and reaching our dreams
Keeping our mind and body healthy
Helps to see the bright side of things

Life is precious, and people around us
Let us appreciate and commemorate
All good times should be savored
All achievements we celebrate

[Repeat Chorus x2]