Skin Your Phone to Look Like a Polaroid Land Camera

If PetaPixel’s very own Leica skin for the iPhone isn’t enough photo geekery for you, there’s also a Polaroid Land Camera skin being sold over at Infectious. We think it would go very nicely with your retro-photo apps! The skins run $15 a pop and are available for not just the iPhone, but for other devices as well (e.g. Blackberry, iPad, etc…).

Photoroid (via Wired)

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    Nice post

  • marko tardito

    This is not the first skin that is based on the polaroid, The photographer and designer Marko Tardito ( ) have created two versions for the iPhone: one for the Polaroid Land camera1000 and one for the Polaroid Land camera 250, but you can create your own skin too !