Floating Camera Merges Two Worlds

How do you take a picture of something above the surface of the water and below at the same time? Well if you had the “underabove” camera, it would be a snap. The concept design features two lenses; one on the top half filled with air and one on the bottom half filled with water. It sports a flash and even a “time wheel” so you can take an underwater self portrait. The camera then stitches the images together and displays them on the LCD screen.

The design won a Red Dot Design Concept 2010 award.

UNDERABOVE (via engadget)

  • Anonymous

    That would be a lot of fun to use actually.. Granted it probably wouldn’t work well here due to our waters being darker than that of say.. Costa Rica.. If I travelled to a lot of tropical areas I would definitely pick something like this up.

  • Flickrman

    Nice. But we are waiting for 5D Mark III :-)

  • Jice from

    Very nice design indeed. It’s only for this kind of use though.

  • Fusphoto

    Sounds amazing (if a little limited) but how do you get the images off the camera?

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