Olympus Patents a Monocle Viewfinder

Olympus recently filed for a patent for this strange monocle-esque viewfinder system where the camera user dons a pair(?) of half-glasses. When the shutter is closed, the user is shown what’s on the LCD.

Seems like the kind of thing technology is moving towards, with augmented reality starting to become a big deal.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Its over 9000!!!

  • sinisterbrain

    The patent is unenforceable due to prior art. It’ll be amusing when they try to enforce it. :-)

    Visit – Steve Mann (among a few others) used wearable computers for various functions ,including Photography, dating back to the 80’s. There are photos on his website that show use of a single heads up display, and even photos from his “Photoborgs” group of students using wearable computers for photography in the ’90’s.

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  • Roberts2424

    Thank goodness someone else still remembers Steve Mann! He gets overlooked so frequently.