Hipstamatic War Photography on the Front Page of the New York Times

If you’re subscribed to the New York Times, you might have noticed some unique-looking war photographs featured as the top story when opening up the paper yesterday. The four photographs were actually iPhone photos taken by NYT photographer Damon Winter in Afghanistan, and processed with the popular app Hipstamatic. Earlier this year AP photographer David Guttenfelder did the same thing in Afghanistan with an iPhone and a Polaroid filter app.

You can view a gallery of Winter’s Hipstamatic war photos over on the NYT Lens blog.

(via Gizmodo)

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  • Richard Horsfield

    I was under the impression that editorial images were supposed to have only very minor adjustments applied to them in post-processing?

  • pamtography

    upon reading this article, i must admit, my heart shattered. in fact, i was so upset upon looking at these “photos” that i ripped my eyes out, chucked them in the blender and hit puree.¬†undoubtedly, i am one who fancies technology and advancements in the human race, but this feels like a step backwards to me. using phone applications with filters and such instead of photoshop? snapping a photo with no lenses to capture depth?? WHYYYYYY?!?!?!? after so many years of improving on and advancing our technology WHY would they do this???? it reminds me of when the samurai in japan, who dedicated their lives to learning and perfecting their art of sword fighting, were overcome by the simple turning of a gatling gun handle. where is the talent?? where is the dedication, the effort, the heart?!?!?!?i am 24 and i have spent the past 7 years getting to know photoshop better than my own face and learning the differences between each camera (including film versus digital.) i am so incredibly upset that the NYT would publish such hipster-infested photos on their front page. i most certainly agree that change and creativity are necessary in the world of art, but lets remember to keep the rare value of true talent, time sacrificed and skills learned in our creations.

  • Oliveros_con_uve

    I really dont want to be part of this world anymore.

  • Guest

    You guys understand that whatever editorial policy the NYT has is something that they decide themselves, right? It’s not set in stone.

    It hasn’t occurred to you that using Hipstamatic — the language of everyday humdrum documentation for an entire generation — might actually be a specific journalistic conceit to make us look at the damn photos, chosen carefully to go with the content of the story? Seriously, read the headline.

    It’s hardly likely the NYT has suddenly forgotten what photojournalistic ethics are. They aren’t manipulating photos to add or remove facts. They aren’t lying to you. Calm down. It’s not a breaking news story.