Pentax-esque Nikon Concept Camera

DCHome forum member voigtlander just posted this photograph of a Nikon concept camera from Nikon Sapporo Showroom, where photography is prohibited. There’s a lot of discussion over whether or not this design suggests what a future Nikon EVIL camera might look like, since it seems to have the same form factor as existing EVIL cams (e.g. Samsung NX10).

Here’s another view published by Nikkeibp:

Would you be interested in a Nikon EVIL camera that looks like this?

Nikon EVIL Camera Prototype (via Nikon Rumors)

  • .

    The body looks too deep for an ‘EVIL’ (please use a better name!)

  • MurderCityPhoto

    Just plain ugly…

  • What

    what the heck does EVIL stand for?

  • Hellfire

    Hell no!

  • Julie

    Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens

  • monkeynuts


  • Hgernhardtjr

    Love the looks … ideal to be carried by Star Wars Stormtroopers.

  • Fastactingrelief

    An expected confirmation that the major brands don’t quite get it. I’m sure someone will get it right eventually. *cough Fuji x100

  • Sergi Claramunt Cunillera

     it reminds me to Cruela devil! xD 

  • adriano

    si pero si no lo an pensado lo bueno es que es blanca y a lugares expuestos con sol directo la camara se calentaria menos al ser obviamente blanca…..

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

  • Alex_L_H

    so no matter how many pictures they take none of them will be framed correctly?

  • On The Level

    An insult to Pentax…Michael, you know better.