Posts Published in November 2010

How to Make a Super Ghetto Fake Leica

Instructables member willferrari599 recently posted a funny tutorial on how to turn a cheap $20 disposable camera into a ridiculously ghetto looking fake Leica. It’d be sad if you took this tutorial seriously, but a camera like this might make a hilarious present for a photography-loving friend!

How to Leica-ify a $20 camera

PBS Documentary About White House Photographer Pete Souza

Here’s a interesting little teaser video for “The President’s Photographer: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office“, a PBS documentary that premiered on November 24th, 2010. It takes you behind the scenes with Pete Souza, the official White House photographer who follows President Obama around everywhere he goes, capturing tens of thousands of photographs every month.

Also be sure to check out the 45-minute interview with Souza that we shared here at the beginning of the month.

(via f stoppers)

Scrub Location Data from Your Photos with Geotag Security

As photo-making devices become more and more location aware, many people unwittingly give up a lot of privacy by publishing location-tagged images online. If privacy is something you care about and you’d rather not broadcast location data along with your photography, a free Windows program called Geotag Security can help you scrub the geotag information from your pics. All you do is select a folder to scan, and the program will check the images within for location data and remove it.

Geotag Security (via Lifehacker)

How to Combine DSLR Stills into a Timelapse Video

Okay, so you have a memory card full of timelapse photos taken over a long-ish period of time using a DSLR camera and intervalometer. Now what? In the above video, filmmaker Philip Bloom shows how you can easily combine them into a timelapse video using Quicktime Pro.

(via Photoxels)

Epson Rumored to Be Thinking About a New Digital Rangefinder

Did you know that the first digital rangefinder camera to hit the market was the Epson R-D1 back in 2004? What’s more, rumor has it that Epson may be considering a followup digital rangefinder to succeed the R-D1, which was made in a partnership with Cosina.
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Sorting Photographs on a Curved Display

Ever wonder how we’ll be interacting with our digital photos in the future? The BendDesk is a curved interactive surface being researched/developed by the Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University seamlessly blends vertical and horizontal multi-touch surfaces. The demo video above has a segment showing how photos can be sorted using the desk (it starts 46 seconds in). Say hello to the future.

BendDesk (via Engadget)

How to Make a DIY Pizza Box Ring Flash

I have always been enthralled ring flashes, but they are so expensive! I recently found a pizza box ring flash how to, but it didn’t go on my camera (it was meant as an off camera ring flash) so I made some changes. And here, for all to use, is my version of the pizza box ring flash.
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Creative Portrait Through Two Lenses

If you’re looking for creative portrait ideas, here’s a fun one to try: focus on your subject through the glass of a second lens. It’ll help throw everything else out of the focus (including the subject in the background) for a pretty cool look. You can also flip the photo upside down afterward for a right-side-up portrait.

Image credit: Life Through a Lens 2 by lytfyre

Camera Graffiti on Canvas by Joe Suta

Threadless’ in-house graffiti artist Joe Suta creates 3 giant (48” x 36”) paintings for their Chicago store window each week, which are then sold through the Threadless website for $250 a pop. Panel 347 from the week of September 21 is the awesome camera shown above. It’s also available as a tee or hoodie, titled “I Can’t Draw“.

Who wouldn’t want this painting hanging up in their room?

(via Photojojo)

DIY High Speed Photography for $20

Turns out those crazy high speed photography shots you see of bullets shattering things aren’t as difficult to achieve as you might have thought. All you need is about $20 and some brains (aka circuit skills). YouTube user destinws2 shows how its done in this 5 minute tutorial.

Here’s a Flickr set with some example photographs taken with his setup.