Lens Guard Provides Extra Protection for People with Butterfingers

Lens caps, filters, and hoods are great from protecting lenses from scratches and bumps, but they aren’t the best for reducing the impact in the case that you accidentally drop your gear. The Lens Guard by DeluxGear is designed to absorb this kind of shock, protecting your lens from the impact of bumps and drops, and slips over lenses snugly with or without the filters or lens cap attached.

When transporting lenses in bags that don’t offer extra protection, two can be used to keep them safe:

The Lens Guard is available in three sizes that fit most lenses, and cost $15 each or $26 for two.

Lens Guard (via Photography Bay)

  • Anonymous

    No comments? What a great invention!

  • Matt

    I dropped my Canon 30D with a 24-105L attached onto my concrete garage floor (fell out of an unzipped backpack). I’m convinced that the only reason my lens didn’t suffer any damage was because I had the lens hood on (mounted backwards for storage). A couple of minor scuffs on the hood, but the lens is still perfect. Anything that will absorb some of the shock of a drop is a good idea.

  • 5D Mark II Team

    About 20-25 years ago a new material with incredible capabilities of shock absorption was developed and demonstrated to public on some TV shows in USA.

    You could even hit your finger (covered by a layer about 20mm thick, made of that material) with a hammer and suffer no harm at all.

    That was amazing indeed. Although I don’t remember it was used on public domain items.

    This kind of inventions are always great for a huge amount of purposes, from general safety articles, high-tech devices protection, to daily life…

    I hope we can see more of these developments available to public in many fields.

  • Fastactingrelief

    I would open jars with it, but I don’t think I could let this anywhere near my lenses.