Nikon D7000 Kits Being Sold by Best Buy Ahead of Launch

Itching to get your hands on the Nikon D7000? You might want to try Best Buy. Apparently some Best Buy stores are breaking the rules and selling Nikon D7000 kits before the camera is officially available on Sunday. Here are some unboxing videos created by the lucky few who were able to purchase the D7000 early.

Here are some sample photographs taken with the D7000 at high ISO.

(via NikonRumors)

  • michael

    I got one from best buy!! The camera is just freaking sweet!

  • Michael Zhang

    They just had them out on display?

  • Andy

    Just got my D7000 !! Soon I will be posting the unboxing video

  • Andy

    D7000 kit. I paid $1300

  • Dni

    how come you pay 1300?
    1499+90 tax = 1589