Sony A77 Rumored to Have Two Pellicle Mirrors for Crazy Hybrid Viewfinder

SonyAlphaRumors received a pretty interesting tip yesterday regarding the design of the upcoming Sony Alpha A77 (which is still a rumor at this point). The anonymous tipster wrote that the camera — successor to the A700 — will have an innovative design that boasts a hybrid viewfinder by blending optical and electronic images:

Yesterday Sony explained the new system that will be used for the incoming a77 (the a750 will use a regular SLR design). Practically the are using two semi-transparent mirrors and a high-resolution EVF to reinforced the live image. They are using a reflexive technology design called 70/30, between each semi-transparent mirrors.

The final image in the viewfinder will have 30% of original image and 70% of electronic reinforced image through the new EVF.

The first Single-lens Translucent (SLT) cameras to hit the DSLR market were the A33 and A55, announced by Sony back in August. A big disadvantage of the SLT system over traditional DSLRs and even prior pellicle mirror cameras is that it doesn’t support optical viewfinders.

Here’s what the diagram for the Sony SLT system looks like:

For the A33 and A55, 70% of the light passes through the translucent mirror (AKA beam splitter) to the sensor used for live view and capturing photographs, while 30% of the light is directed upwards to the autofocus sensors.

In the rumor sent to SonyAlphaRumors, the tipster claims that a second translucent mirror will be added above the existing one, directing the light from the first mirror into the viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder light is split with this mirror, with 30% of the EVF light sent to the autofocus sensors, and 70% used to enhance the dimmed optical view. Thus, what the photographer sees is 30% optical and 70% electronic.

If there’s truth in this rumor, then the Sony Alpha A77 is going to be a pretty darn interesting camera.

(via SonyAlphaRumors)

  • Michal Rosa

    So the AF module uses less than 10% of available light. Let’s see how well it will perform.

  • Michael Zhang

    From the diagram, it looks like it doesn’t use any of the available light, but instead uses 30% of the image put out by the EVF. Not sure how that works.

  • Winwin

    … and pretty darn expensive too.

  • jr

    Sony has this reputation of expensive price tags

  • mmc

    Question: Are these cameras (without a traditional moving mirror) considered SLR’s?

  • E.G.

    You get what you pay for. Every Sony camera that I’ve ever owned (three P&S and one DSLR to date) has been awesome, and ahead of its time in one way or another.

  • Majid Naghdi photographer

    Sony Alpha Rumors received word that the new Sony A77 will feature a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and still maintain noise control on as good as or better than Sony’s current crop of APS-C cameras in the 14-16MP range.

  • Lindsay

    Better to call it an SLR than Sony’s horrific and brain-damaged attempt at redefining of the word “translucent” in “SLT”.

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