Tenba Insert Transforms Messenger Bags into Stealth Camera Bags

Fancy camera bags and backpacks are nice, but they’re often thief magnets that broadcast the fact that they contain pricey gear. If you use a messenger bag and would like to use it as a camera bag as well, Tenba sells a nifty insert that transforms it into a stealth camera bag. The insert fits a DSLR body, 2-3 lenses, a flash, and has space for magazines or documents. They’re priced at $23 and are available from the Tenba website.

Messenger: Removable Photo Insert (via Lifehacker)

Image credit: T2 medium messenger and Canon stuff by Athlex

  • Snowfoxcreations

    Ooh, thank you for posting this. This is what I need. Not necessarily for security reasons, but because I have such cute messenger bags and my camera bags are all solid black. >_<

  • Josh Ladella

    Innovative! Now Tenba just needs to make sure that they don’t advertise too much or else the messenger bags are going to become theft targets :)

  • Kenneth Tin

    I’ve been using it for over a year now and it’s amazing how flexible it is. I’ve had it in messenger bags, at the bottom of backpacks (for carry on). It’s always been reliable and a good fit for most bags. Great value for the money.

  • Bobbler

    I’ve been using a billingham hadley insert in my messenger bag for over 18 months now. It’s a bit more expensive than this one, but also has a flap on top which is a nice bit of extra protection if things are being put on top of it in my bag.