Full Frame vs Crop Sensor Comparison

Photographer Mike Collins created this simple video that gives you a visual look at the difference between full frame sensors and crop frame sensors when using the same lens. The video uses a Canon 5D Mark II for the full frame shots, and a Canon 7D (1.6x crop factor) for the crop shots.

This is a short test with the tripod in the same spot switching between prime lenses to show how the crop affects the 7D. The subject, ace stand in Chris Clement, was roughly five feet from the camera. This isn’t meant to be an aesthetic test to show the difference in image quality between the two cameras. It’s a down and dirty field guide for myself and the other shooters we work with so we can quickly figure what lens we want to use on each camera.

We go from 20mm all the way to 100mm with a Lensbaby composer thrown in at the very end.

You might be surprised at how different the lens are, especially if you’ve never used both full frame and crop frame before.

(via planet5D)

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    What I would like to see is a 1.6 vs ff DoF comparison.

  • Guest

    This would have been a whole lot better with a pretty girl in it.

  • Seriesrover

    This is ok, but it just shows the sensor size difference. I’d rather see a 5D at say 50mm and a 7D at 50/1.6 mm (approx 31mm) on the same lens (as Joakim suggested) to see differences in images, from DOF / vignetting / IQ etc.

  • Guest

    I don’t see what the video format adds to the comparison. A set of still frames would show the difference far more usably.

  • Millad

    thanks, that’s exactly the thing that i always like to see in real …
    thank you and good job guys :)

  • Michael Zhang

    I think most of us have seen this type of comparison with stills, but I felt like the video aspect kinda makes you see what it looks like “through the lens”.

  • Fabien Mahaut

    As we can see, with the 5D you have to be close your subject, with the 7D you feel it. ;-) thanks for that !

  • Polly

    I like it! I have both 7D and 5D and the crop factor makes a big difference.

    I love both cameras, especially the 7D as it’s so good in low light.

  • Toddzilla

    It seems the Lensbaby’s blur effect was almost completely lost with the smaller cropping sensor (most of the frame was in the clear unblurry sweet spot). I was thinking of getting their new composer for micro format cameras (PEN, NEX, etc.) when it is available. I wonder if it won’t be worth it or if they will take that into account and compensate.

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  • lekuer

    Hi Polly,

    Can I ask a question. I want tyo buy a camera, I would like to ask you how is the 7D about details in Portrait. Is it Ok? It is better to buy the 5D? Thanks

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  • guest

    I think that guy is cute. So it’s just fine as it is. You think only guys are interested in learning about full frame vs. crop sensors?

  • Ana Gabriela

    OMG you explained in such a simple way what I needed to know THANKSSSSS!!!!

  • Eyelinepro

    I was finding this deferencement and i learned abut that.. lot of thanks

  • Zw1d

    what a color difference…

  • Guest

    I agree. Babe needed.