Sony Pellicle Mirror DSLR Sensors Overheat, Limiting Video

Sony has issued an “important notice” that shooting HD video for semi-long periods of time with the A33 and A55 may cause the sensor to overheat, shutting off the camera. How long the camera lasts depends on ambient temperature and image stabilization is enabled. If it’s 30° C (~86° F) the A55 can only go 6 minutes with IS turned on.

Here’s a chart showing the recommended amounts of time you should shoot before turning off the camera and allowing the sensor to cool down:

Perhaps that explains why other HD video-capable DSLRs have such short clip recording limits…

(via Engadget)

  • Joakim_bergquist

    What a dissapointment for those who have bought one… I certainly wouldn’t like to worry about that. Probably a clip limiter will be on a firmware upgrade soon?

  • Zak Henry

    So that’s why the promo video was of snowboarders and skiiers…

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Probably a great camera if you live anywhere where is snows all the time but crap for any sunny hot locations.

  • SLProv

    A few months ago, I bought a new Sony Vaio F series laptop that was quietly recalled–and now, the a55?? Does Sony even have a quality assurance department?

  • Tleeds

    Sorry to rain on the hate parade guys, but the camera still boasts longer recording times than any of the other video capable DSLR’s….

    Sensor heat is an unavoidable issue with SLR cameras. Try doing long exposure astrophotography on any DSLR and you’ll see what I mean.

    So, it’s still a great camera if you live in the desert or in the caribbean simply because it records longer than all the other cameras in the desert or caribbean.

  • Rewind

    Well Maybe it’s time to scrap the idea and stick to video cameras for video shooting and develope the lenses in that market and leave DLSR in there arena and push there limits instead of wasting time cross developing just to blur the the consumer and find a one solution fits all.

  • Cbsphotographyonline

    ok haters sony is the 1st to do it right “focus ” while doing video higher megs and so on
    but ha i shoot commercials music video’s with my a55 ( can’t wait till june 4 my a99 it’s only 24 meg’s) but ha when u started to walk ,i’ll beat u fell 1 time ,well i live in Florida and since this is what i do to eat .guess what i did ? go buy 2 cold compress put 1 on the camera an one in ice daaaaa . now get over it :-)

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  • Toby

    Nope. It’s not because of the sensor overheating that DSLR’s have such short recording times, it’s that damn FAT32 card format! If your file’s bigger than 4GB you’re screwed!