Neatify Your Transparent Phone Case by Printing Out a Camera

If you desperately want to make your phone look like a camera but our Leica-lookalike skin isn’t right for you, you can try printing out a camera yourself if you have a transparent case for your phone. yellow15 over at NikonJin recently transformed his iPhone 4 into a Nikon Rangefinder by printing the image out and sticking it behind his case. He also made the source image available for download. If you have a high quality printer at your disposal this could be quick way to give your phone a touch of photography awesomeness.

  • Erik Nielsen

    Because nothing says “hipster photographer” like a photo of camera with the aspect ratio out of whack.

  • banners printing

    This is useful and preferable only if you own or have access to high quality printer

  • Banner Printing

    Great cam. Hope it can generate a good output on any kind of printer.

  • Holly Doss

    Very Cool! :)