Using a Leica Noctilux on a Sony NEX

Darren Chan recently attached his $6,500 Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1 lens to his Sony NEX-5 camera using an adapter in order to test out the unique combo. As you might expect, the combo is great for creamy bokeh and doing nighttime street photography in areas with low light.

Here are some photographs from Chan’s experimentation:

How wouldn’t want to play with this camera/lens combo?

(via SonyAlphaRumors)

Image credit: Photographs by Darren Chan and used with permission

  • Damien McMahon

    Do the main lens manufacturers even make lenses with apertures this wide anymore?

  • Michael Zhang

    Besides the Canon 50mm f/1 you can find used (there’s one selling for $4,150 on eBay right now), I don’t think so:

  • Romain Cr

    Voigtlander does :) they have just release a 25mm f/0.95

  • Sfougarisb

    Creamy is not the word i would have used. forced and angular is more like it to my eyes.

  • Blank

    This seems pointless and awful test photos! I really don’t see too much for Bokeh!!!

  • Pete Boyd

    Most of these photographs have the subject facing _away_ from the camera.

  • Darren A.

    It’s easy to tell which commenters are street shooters and which ones like to take photos of their cats and flowers in their yard.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    There are many tv or Cinema lenses around that got f0.95 or even f0.7

  • Ashley Pomeroy

    I see a bunch of visually unexciting, emotionally unengaging, intentionless snapshots. The rubbish bokeh would be fine if the photographs were visually exciting, emotionally engaging, or purposeful; but they aren’t, and it’s not. There’s no emotion. Street photography involves more than just taking some random shots of total strangers doing nothing, nowhere. You have to think hard, shoot lots, edit like a stranger. These pictures say nothing to me about people or streets or Japan or photography. It’s not street photography at all, it’s pedestrian photography.