Nikon Updates Rear Lens Cap to Canon-esque Design

Nikon recently (and quietly) replaced their LF-1 lens cap with the LF-4 (so much for Nikon tetraphobia), including the new cap with new Nikon lens announced since August. The new cap looks similar to Canon’s rear lens cap, the Dust Cap E (Rear).

Yay for super important camera news!

(via Digital Journal of Photography)

Update: Ranger9 points out in the comments below that the fact that Nikon is including “F Mount” on the lens cap seems to indicate that they will soon be introducing a major new mount. Perhaps it’s for a new EVIL-style line of cameras?

  • Guesty

    come on…
    I don’t see any resemblance unless you force yourself into thinking they look similar.

  • E.T.

    I really like following you guys but really – it’s important / interesting because..!?

  • Guest

    because Nikon rear caps sucked! i’d always find them getting loosened in my bag or even fall off. Canon’s design is much better.

  • skymyrka

    well, it’s black, it’s round and it fits on a back of the lens..
    must be just like canon!

  • Michael Zhang

    It’s not, and I was being sarcastic :-)

    Stay tuned for more serious stuff.

  • tsy87

    exactly! i hope these stay on better

  • Krazykev

    Agreed. This actually *is* a news story despite the interjections of others to the contrary. Keem ‘em coming Michael Zhang – and don’t be swayed by the naysayers.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks =)

  • Ranger9

    You are missing an important rumoresque implication here!!! Notice how the old cap just says, “Nikon,” while the new one also is marked “F mount.”

    If they now have to mark their new cap to show that it fits the F mount, doesn’t that kind of imply that Nikon lenses in some OTHER sort of mount are on the way?!?

  • Michael Zhang

    Interesting suggestion! Post updated =)

  • Flickrman

    But niks cap is glossy black :)

  • Flickrman

    But niks cap is glossy black :)

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  • a guy

    or its to celebrate he 75 years of the nikon 5 mount…..

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  • JessicaOjeda

    Is the LF-1 and LF-4 rear lens caps interchangable?

  • Wallace

    I’m guessing since they fit on similar lenses that, yes, they are.