Opulent Coffee Table for Canon Photogs

So this is how high-rollin’ Canon photographers roll. This coffee table is much easier to do now with those Canon lens coffee mugs, but the 1D bodies would still cost a pretty penny.

Image credit: Photograph by Philip Kwong

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  • Guest

    Can’t be very opulent with that ratty carpet and fine furniture.

  • bruce butkus

    cant be that new either, since I saw this back in like ’05

  • bruce butkus

    cant be that new either, since I saw this back in like ’05

  • Aephotose

    HAH! Agreed on the carpet and furniture! The straps would definitely pose a tripping hazard; but that’s probably the mom in me speaking.

  • QuBe

    Had the same thought…and also a visual of the calamity when the hoover chokes on one of them.

  • QuBe

    Are people getting bored with using their cameras lately…trashing them, roasting them, and now turning them into furniture?

    Are those actually 4 real “L” zooms?

  • Laurent

    Just make sure you don’t spill your coffee! ;-)

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  • Mister_Nice_Guy

    Woosh, this silly photo went way over your head. A few people (out of the 7 billion) taking a gag photo somehow means everyone is just throwing their cameras against the wall out of boredom? Is that how your reasoning works?