Apple Adds HDR Photography to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple had a special event this morning where they announced a few new products. In addition to the introduction of HD-video recording on the iPod Touch, an interesting new announcement was the HDR Photography feature in iOS 4.1, which is found on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad (though the iPad doesn’t currently have a camera).

On the Apple website, the description of this feature reads:

Take great photos that capture a wider range of light intensity using the new high dynamic range (HDR) setting on iPhone 4, which automatically combines multiple exposures into a single HDR image.

Hopefully the feature is flexible and allows the user to tweak the resulting photograph.

Automatic HDR modes are becoming increasingly common on consumer cameras, and may become a ubiquitous feature before long. You’ll be able to download the iOS 4.1 update soon.

  • Guesty

    Now kids can do HDR and laugh at my SLR. great thank you apple.

  • Shawn Parker

    Your manually composited HDR will still be better. This is no threat to someone who takes care in creating their HDR images.

  • billselak

    Automatic HDR is a very cool trick. I would use it just to speed up my workflow.

  • tsy87

    I’d say that 95% of the HDR I have seen is tacky and overdone… HDR photography is like modifying cars…. for every few well done cars, you see hundreds of rice rockets.

  • billselak

    tsy87, I think that most new creative breakthroughs are overdone. I think
    we’ll see the same implementation with HDR and photos as we are seeing with
    auto-tune and music. It will be amazing at first, then tacky and overdone,
    and finally will become a useful tool.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else disappointed by the lack of a decent rear-facing camera on the iPod touch update? It would’ve been nice to have at least a 3M camera there, instead of the 0.7M camera designed for video. Don’t we still typically find still images more compelling than videos?

  • Aeroit

    Surely this is iOS4.2?

  • Michael Zhang
  • Cmmoulton

    Purchased an iPod touch 4th gen for my wife. It came pre loaded with iOS 4.1. All features of the Touch are great except for the rear camera being less than 1 MP in quality and the color correction looking like crap. Anyone else think that it sucks to have a nice retina display that clearly shows the poor quality of the pictures taken? I would rather use my old digital camera from the year 2000 than to use the ipod Touch – that was a whole decade ago Apple! I thought that their HDR feature listed in this article might help but this article is wrong, HDR is only for iPhone 4 and not present on the iPod touch with iOS 4.1. Feel a bit ripped off in buying the Touch now as the camera was probably the primary feature my wife was interested in the most. I would have held back had Apple listed the spec for the camera more clearly than VGA quality. They seem to remember to list the MP for the iPhones in their specs. Oh yeah, I guess the camera should at least have 1 full MP of quality to mention how many MPs the camera is.