Tiniest DSLR System Money Can Buy

Photojojo just added the “Mini Model Camera” to their store. This is a 1/6 scale miniature model DSLR system that actually allows you to swap the tiny lenses around. It’s definitely a cute and unique gift, but it comes at a no-so-miniature price — the 1.5 inch camera and three lenses are priced at $28.

There’s a price to pay for being able to brag about having the “compactest” camera among your friends.

  • Risk

    my father gave me his old pentax auto 110… its not digital, but it’s quite compact… and it rly works!
    Anyway, this is a gift FTW!

  • Eolake

    You really think that’s expensive?

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  • Meropealcyone

    $28 for a piece of molded plastic that does….literally nothing? Yeah, I’d say it was pretty expensive. I got a Pentax 110 (like the first poster) that actually takes photos for $17. Ok, developing 110 is kinda challenging these days, but hey: it works.