The Ebro River Beautifully Captured with an iPhone

Say what you want about cameraphone photography, but this is one beautiful shot. It’s a view of the Ebro river in Spain, and was captured by Joan Ramon Bada Suñe on his iPhone 3GS. What’s more, the post-processing was done completely in-phone as well.

Update: Here’s a larger version of the photograph.

Image credit: Rio Ebro by iPhoneographer joanrbada and used with permission

  • Hyper

    Location, location, location!

  • Hyper

    Location, location, location!

  • Hyper

    Location, location, location!

  • Arieldiaco

    Oh, come on. Really? The composition is nice, and was taken at the best possible light situation, where even a Minolta Pocket could make a good picture. Postprocessing has completely ruined it, by the way. Saturation is 400% over the top, and there is noise in the clouds even at daylight… You were saying?

  • Nuno Maia

    do people who write for this website have ANY hint of what quality photo or pixel quality is?

  • Guest

    Nice shot for a cameraphone. This site really has some miserable readers.

  • Richard

    Here’s the posted exif info for the image:

    I do think it’s possible this was done with an iPhone but with one of the various post processing apps in the mix. I agree with what’s said above about added saturation but it might not have been done on a computer.

    None of this has anything to do with whether it’s a decent image (eye of the beholder), just that if one likes images like this, it might be possible to make them with an iPhone with the addition of one of the various apps that alters the iPhone’s image processor.

  • Guest

    The clue’s in the post.

    “What’s more, the post-processing was done completely in-phone as well.”

  • Jason Brown

    No it doesn’t, it has some readers who are photographers, or at least want to be. Cameraphones are the disposable cameras of today in terms of quality – great for taking pictures at the nightclub, crap for photography.

    Why is there a huge segment of people who go iPhone = great? The iPhone is really great gear, but it’s not a camera, it’s that simple. IT’S A PHONE PEOPLE!!

  • Davidsimms53

    Some people are getting nervous, they don´t like amateurs taking great shots on cheap equipment, it means the Pro´s have to push themselves and move with the times if they want to keep in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Photographers using cameraphones? what’s next, videographers using DSLRs?

  • facebooker

    nice celltography!

  • Joanrbada

    Thanks ¡¡¡ Joan R Bada

  • Elfinflower

    Real art is without limitations so why limit yourself by technique?!

  • cal tomas

    Fotografias sin limites!!!!

  • Forest Funk

    It’s about the picture, not about pixel peeping.