Nadia Camera Rates Photos As You Shoot

We’ve already got plenty of gadgets designed to facilitate photography: there’s auto-focus, face detection, and some crazy features in Photoshop that can effortlessly add and remove entire elements (and people) in photographs. So now why not have a camera that tells you whether you’re taking an aesthetically pleasing photograph?

Designer Andrew Kupresanin created this project camera that utilizes the Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine Acquine to judge photo quality even before you take a photograph. The screen in the back of the camera simply shows a percentage rating, in lieu of an LCD display. The camera is actually a Nokia N73 camera connected with a Mac over Bluetooth. Kupresanin seems to be using his experimental project to make a poignant statement about the automation of photography and aesthetics. Kupresanin says on his site:

Within pop culture and society artificial intelligence has been a topic that is approached with hope, fear, cynicism, curiosity and caution. However many intelligent devices have already been effortlessly absorbed into our culture and everyday lives.

Here’s a video of the camera:

Inevitably, this sort of artificial intelligence raises a lot of interesting questions about the impact on not only technology, but the way we think and interact with technology. Kupresanin also says:

Currently under development, we will soon see devices and systems that have the ability to think creatively and infer beauty. As this novel technology improves and works its way into consumer devices, what effect will it have on individual preference and our creative process? Will new objects and possibilities arise?

What do you think about this technology? Will consumers of the future embrace a computer-generated opinion and use it for “better” photography?

(via Wired)

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  • edlt

    I hope not. Better isn't a fact.

  • Calvin_T

    People are lazy enough as it is with all the creative design packages we are blessed with. People rely on tech and tutorials to breed creativity.

    We are bloody lazy

  • Isaiah

    In polls I've done, people often rank Alfred Eisenstaedt's sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square as one of the best photos of all time. Acquine ranked it at 1.3. On the other hand, it ranked Steve Mccurry's Afghan Girl at 87.4.

  • Luciano Meirelles

    Yeah, that's a good point.

  • Tyroga

    Ummm you aren't even seeing the picture you're making? Just a score on what the camera is seeing? With this device you're not making a photo, you're pandering to your own desire to get high scores, just like in school :P

    Looks like it's less about AI and more about an algorythm that determines what is negative space (probably based on the most colour in the shot) and determining the spacial spread of the colour and any obstructions. Ergo when the flower is in the centre the bulk of the white (negative) space is almost evenly split meaning the subject (flower) is in the direct centre and therefore a rule-of-thirds-based “bad” photo.

    But when the bulk of the negative space is left or right of the subject it suggests asymmetrical placement and therefore a rule-of-thirds-based “good” photo.

    I think this thing isn't looking at the subject at all which makes it lame.

    Brilliant job of creating it though, kudos to the developer, just hope it never makes it into a camera. It will be like all those mums and dads that tell the really bad idol kids they can sing.

  • Deathgleaner

    AI will NEVER replace human intelligence. This system is BS.

  • Dave Hodgkinson

    We've got cameras that can pick out people's faces and can tell us when their eyes are closed. So why not?

    We also have magic “enhance” buttons in photo editors, so why not a button that suggests good crops of pictures too?

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  • mijonju

    wow, photographers wont be needed in the near future, we gonna bring a personal photograbot anywhere we go.

    boooo.. LOL