Canon L Lens Red Ring Tattoo Only for Die Hard Enthusiasts

Flickr user Plan_9 wanted both a Canon tattoo and a wristband tattoo, so he decided to get a Canon L Lens red ring around his wrist. The next step might be to include some aperture and focal length information on his knuckles. If you decide to get a similar tattoo, you’d better be pretty set on sticking with Canon.

What would a similar tattoo for a Nikon fan be?

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  • xc

    a red down pointed triangle on your right shoulder?

  • Mike

    exactly what I was thinking; but not on the shoulder; location is up for grabs.

  • Matt

    I'd guess a Nikon version would be an upside-down red triangle on the middle finger of the right hand, to correspond with the design right below the shutter release.

    It'd also be roughly as obscure. ;)

  • Ranger 9

    Finally a good excuse for owning a Leica — you'd only have to endure a red dot instead of an entire ring.

    (Anybody else think it looks like the scar left by reattaching a severed hand? Ewwww!)

  • Dave Wilson

    An even more discerning Nikon user may choose a gold ring instead of the red one or, perhaps, a black N inside a gold lozenge shape (like you see on all the best Nikon lenses).

  • Stefan Sager

    What F-stop is that? 1:4?

  • bigwhitebear18

    “Lefty tighty, Righty loosey” -Nikon- o_0

  • miklos

    could be a guideline for his razor

  • Livideyez

    Might as well just use a red tread every day.
    No wonder I am Nikon user :P

  • Nun

    Nikon user would be out shooting, not obsessing about gear

  • Wen

    That's terrible. Looks like a pen mark before an amputation.

  • kevjohn

    The Cult of Canon is starting to remind me of the Cult of Apple.

  • Thomas Locke Hobbs

    One of my photography teachers in Argentina got the f-stops from f1.0 to f90 tattoo'ed on his forearm.