Uber-Rare Nikon 6mm Fisheye Lens on eBay Can See Behind Itself

There’s a super rare Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lens for sale on eBay. How much does f/2.8, 6mm, and a 220° field of view cost? A mere $34,020.

Aside from this uber-rare lens being uber-expensive, it’s also ridiculously heavy, weighing in at close to 11.5 pounds. Here’s what Photography in Malaysia has to say about this lens:

You are looking at one of the most gorgeous looking lens in 35mm SLR photography – a lens that can actually see behind itself! This series of lenses were originally developed for special scientific and industrial use where wider-than-180° picture coverage is required in surveillance work, photographing the interiors of pipes, boilers, conduits, cylinder bores and other constricted areas. But in applications such as advertising and commercial photography they are used extensively for dramatic effects.

To put the field of view in perspective, human vision is about 180°.

(via Photojojo)

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  • Anshel Sag

    This is one stupid huge lense… like I almost didn't even notice the camera. Admittedly, still awesome.

  • Mark Grealish

    Looks like a bloody jellyfish.

  • Michael Zhang

    As an added benefit, you can hide your face behind the lens while doing street photography.

  • Eric Leslie

    I'd love to see some sample shots. I can't picture that much crammed into a flat image :)

  • TheGoodStuffNow

    Sorry but 11.5 pounds does seem a bit ridiculous….

  • Bergur

    Hahaha! This is ridiculous in so many ways! The size, weight, the angle and the price! My dear I wish I had the money for such an incredible waste! I wonder if it's rectangular or circular…

  • NikkorAddict

    The seller could have at least taken their own pictures of this lens, since the same shots are posted on the Photosynthesis Nikon serial number site @ … caveat emptor!

  • Jason

    I'm really curious how will the picture taken with this lens turn out to be

  • Jeremy

    I think I'll go buy a car or two instead.

  • Alex Wise

    Filters are widely available for it I'm guessing? Would love to see some test shots with it though.

  • Alex Wise

    Filters are widely available for it I'm guessing? Would love to see some test shots with it though.

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  • Victor

    Want one, so much you can do, but have to keep my feet out of the frame :) here is an example (not mine)

  • Victor

    Want one, so much you can do, but have to keep my feet out of the frame :) here is an example (not mine)

  • David

    The field of human vision is not 180 degrees. Think about it. It doesn't count if you have to turn your head side to side.

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  • Anonymous

    Human peripheral vision isn’t high quality, the rods & cones are very low density out on the edges. However, 180 degrees seems about right as the limit. Looking straight ahead with my arms to the side, without turning my head, I’d say my peripheral vision is roughly 180 degrees. Lots of different sources seem to say roughly 180 degrees too.

  • Linimberg

    for that price i would be a Corvette.

  • Linimberg

    I would buy a Corvette.

  • Mike

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  • Scubasteve

    Is this an image from the $34,000 lens?…..REALLY??….dear me……a little hyped up methinks

  • Vaughn

    A friend has t he 8mm.  Filters are built in.  Image on the 8mm is circular — I imagine that it is also true for the 6mm.

  • Korios

    I think human vision is less than 180°, even including the entire range of the peripheral vision. The usable focal range of the central vision (the one you use to read this comment) must be in the single digit range.

  • Korios

    I do not think it’s possible to have a 220 – angle coverage with rectangular frames.