House Finale Filmed with the Canon 5D Mark II Airs Tonight

Just a reminder: the season finale of the popular TV show House, which was filmed entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II, will be airing tonight. The fact that the show turned to the HDSLR was one of the big stories last month, after the show’s director Greg Yaitanes made the announcement on Twitter and had a Q&A session via the service.

Canon also put out a press release today congratulating the show. Yuichi Ishizuka, the executive VP of Canon USA is quoted as saying,

We take great pleasure in congratulating the cast and crew of HOUSE on completing the first network television episode to be completely shot on a DSLR camera. This milestone marks a paradigm shift in the way professional cinematographers and filmmakers capture HD video.

Will you be tuning in to see how it turned out?

  • Veronica

    i don't like this show

  • Pfffft

    Who gives a crap. Millions of others do.

  • Matt

    I won't be watching it because:
    A. I'm a Brit, so it won't be over here for a while, and
    B. I've only got as far as Series 3, so need to watch all the other episodes first.

    I've got a long wait. :(

  • guest

    I saw it and to me the video looked flat.
    Definitely not as rich and colorful as before.

    And it was clear that the highlights were blown-out.

    I was going to write them and ask that they go back to the old hardware, but I realize the massive cost-savings of using a small portable DSLR over a big 35mm film camera. The shots taken in the scenes where the woman was trapped underground would have been much harder. Certainly it helped to be able to hook the camera up to a computer for remote-monitoring even control.

    So this is a mixed bag.
    So much of it depends on exactly what they were using before and what features it has or doesn't have relative to the 5dmk2.

    (see? not easy to do: “5dmk2″. )

  • Aaron

    The most difficult part about using these cameras are:
    1) holding them

    You pretty need to mount the camera to a shoulder mount of some sort to keep the pans smooth.

    2) recording sound

    You have to record your audio to another device for a number of different reasons and this makes the camera less 'run-n-gun' than the typical documentary style HDV camera you might be using for the same reasons (cost, size, etc…)

    I'm hosting a discussion about audio work flow with HDSLR cameras July 20th if anyone is interested….

    Aaron Murphy

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