Canon 3D DSLR Conceptual Mockup

3D photography hasn’t arrived in the consumer DSLR world yet, and existing setups require combining two DSLR cameras. What would a 3D-capable DSLR system look like?

Photographer Dean Francis has created a conceptual mockup of the Canon EOS 3D, a DSLR that can either be used as a traditional DSLR, or can be used for 3D photography by attaching an additional module containing a lens and sensor. Another grip module can also be added to the end to make two handed shooting easier.

Here’s what the system looks like when each piece is separate:

To see the mockup in full screen as a flash animation, check out Francis’ website.

With the recent craze in 3D imaging and display technologies, do you think a 3D DSLR system like this might be announced sometime in the near future?

(via Canon Rumors)

  • Andy

    Yo dawg I heard you like cameras so I put a camera on your camera

  • sztyui


  • Bergur

    This is completely unrealistic! There's no way the 'D' on the “3D” square would be red – really disharmonious! This completely shuts out all hopes on ever getting a 3D DSLR.

  • agnes

    like eyes

  • Jared

    Considering the often small differences in focal distances across individual lenses of the same model, and having no control over the view of the second lens, and having no way to relay the light captured through it to the same sensor as the first, I don't really see how this is possible or even practical.

    But it looks cool.

  • Jason E

    Me want!
    I wonder if it could also be used to take two pics of the same event at different focal lengths? Certainly not for 3D purposes but I can think of some experimental projects to use something like this setup with.

  • saklas

    no need to do this at all~ they just needa have an auto shift lens with bracket function.

  • Pixelizer

    We have been watching cannon directing its marketing and company philosophy exclusively towards profit.

    Launching cameras that devalue previous models by immediate 40% or more.

    we have been watching other brands offering bigger quality and more pixels for the same amount of money even sometimes less.

    When a consumer choses canon it comes with something atached – imediate devalue price.

    Canon should focus on launching cameras at more affordable prices and with bigger quality, after all there is plenty of competition in the “sea” and they are doing it!

    This rumor about a 46 mgp camera can only be generated to create fuss,nothing else.

    Also choosing a high mgp number on a 35 mm sensor brings limitations and to answer that question medium format systems are way more reliable and satisfying to work with.

    A 3d camera must have been thought already a long time ago by Canon.

    We are just playing with the little pixels so to speak, Canon produces devices now up to a million pixels, although not affordable in the common market we can see the disparity in tech that we are allowed to get versus the one they use for more private markets.

    As a result of that, the brands will have to restrict its offer to more quality, bigger and broader range and diversity of products to make justify spending 4, 5, or 6000 eur or more a year in upgrading imaging products.

    3d???? Will have to see???!!!!