Concept Camera with Built-In Balloon

Forget complicated kite photography kits that actually require skill. UK-based industrial designer Matthew Clark has a fun solution for taking photographs from high up: the Aeriel Capture camera.

This concept camera has a 3 foot balloon built into the back of the camera itself, and has a 20 meter chord that doubles as the shutter release. Photographs are taken by simply flipping a switch in the hand reel.

The idea is great in that it would allow anyone to easily take some aerial shots of an event without wind or fancy aerial vehicles. The downside to the idea is that you need to have helium on hand to get it floating.

If this was on the market for a low enough price (i.e. $20), do you think it’d be a useful camera to have around?

Aerial Capture (via Wired)

P.S. For those of you technically inclined, here’s a tutorial for how to actually build a balloon cam.

  • bpeoples

    The concept is cool, EXCEPT for the wire running down from the balloon. 20m isn't much, but is enough to contact power lines, lightning, etc. that would be really bad. Some have estimated the potential as high as 100V/m, which would get you a good 2000V potential on that wire.

  • Bill B.

    Might be useful if helium could come in cartridges like C02 cartridges do. Not likely to happen, though, so…not too practical an idea unless you're good friends with the balloon guy at the event. At least you don't need too much helium to lift something that light.

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