Canon Coffee Cup Pinhole Camera Lens

You might have seen the coffee mug that looks like a Canon L Lens, but have you seen this camera lens that looks like a coffee mug?

This strange 150mm coffee cup pinhole lens was created by paradefotos, and actually works (though the photos are pretty blurry).

Unlike the L lens coffee mug, this coffee mug lens isn’t nearly as desirable, and probably won’t become the next “must have” camera item. Funny idea though.

Image credit: Coffee cup pinhole lens by paradefotos and used with permission

  • SYunghans

    Take a body cap and drill a hole in it. Drill a tiny pin hole into a piece of metal (ideally using a laser, but I used a real pin for mine.) and tape that (using electrical tape) over the larger hole on the inside of the body cap. The images are fairly sharp (as good as you can get with a decent pinhole camera) and it's much cheaper that most coffee cups.

  • sean

    seems useless for it to be so long

  • Shawn Parker

    Love it. How about one made out of one of those little red flower pots?

  • Ted

    what my girlfriend keeps telling me

  • JasonCoffee

    This peaked my interest for obvious reasons. Thanks for the fun post.

  • pabloconrad

    My Nikkor/Starbucks pinhole lens also keeps my java piping hot while providing incredibly sharp images in low light. I am absolutely amazed at this innovative technology.

    Not only can I shoot in the wee hours of the morn, the coffee gives me the jolt to keep documenting the night life.

  • Damien Franco

    You should try the RedBull “magic” pinhole lens “especially engineered to capture blurry action shots”. It's my go to pinhole lens at every extreme sports venue.

    Sometimes, you can kinda tell what's in the picture.

  • pabloconrad

    This is just wierd. Simply wierd. So must I to be posintg a comment.


  • Coffee Clubs

    That camera lens looks great. Definitely perfect for photographers not only loves to drink coffee but giving their cameras a fashion.

  • Samuel Wallace

    Perfect for the photographer who needs a pinhole camera and recently gave up coffee drinking. Pinhole photos are a much cheaper habit.